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  • Relax and Wine-down
    Relax and Wine-down

    Relax and Wine-down

    It’s true there are a lot of wine stores in Portland, and a lot of wine bars. Sometimes it would be nice to find one that has a little bit of both. A place where we can go hangout and discover a new bottle of wine and take it with us or pop open the cork and drink it there while getting our girl talk on with our friends.

    Enter Sunnyside Wines, a wine shop/bar that’s filled with fantastic wine at great prices. The shop’s owner, Patrick Booth, is a certified sommelier dedicated to helping people enjoy new wines that people aren’t talking about yet. Not sure what wine goes with what you’re having for dinner? Just ask Patrick — he’ll steer you in the right direction. Sunnyside Wines isn’t just a wine shop, it’s also a bit of a wine bar where you can have a beer or get a glass of whatever white, pink, red, or bubbles is currently open. Pair it with a charcuterie plate, and enjoy some quality time with friends while sitting on the patio. Whether we’re looking for a bottle of wine to go or just want to stop-in for a glass of wine, we love the welcome feeling we get when we walk into Sunnyside Wines. It has the perfect mix of...

  • Mood Lighting
    Mood Lighting

    Mood Lighting

    We might have watched too much Game of Thrones this summer, but we can’t get the phrase “Winter Is Coming” out of our thoughts. While it’s fun to say it’s still a reminder that summer is drawing to a close and the days will get shorter. If only we could afford to have one of those sunlight simulation light therapy devices to help keep us cheerful all winter long.

    Lightbar seems to have just the right ambiance to help us extend the glow we get in the summer months. The new cafe bar has coffee, wine, beer, interesting cocktails and dishes even those who are gluten-free will appreciate. The real reason we love Lightbar is, well, the lighting, which changes constantly – hitting a hue of light therapy colors that are designed to enhance the mood. Perfect for Oregon. Plus, it’s super fun to sit with our friends and decide which color looks best with their skin-tone. That’s another thing we love about Lightbar – the fact that the music is just loud enough to set the vibe, but not too loud that we can’t hear our friends talking.

    It’s true, the dreary winter may...

  • Lifestyle Chic
    Lifestyle Chic

    Lifestyle Chic

    The hubs’ birthday is slowly creeping closer. Deep sigh…what to get the man who gets himself everything? This year we’re making a theme for his birthday. After a summer full of camping trips we’re pretty sure he’ll hold onto this hobby for a few more years to come, unlike that never used punching bag hanging in the garage.

    Danner Union Way took us by surprise. Danner’s new store appeals to the sophisticated camper, like us. We already know Danner’s men’s and women’s hiking boots are sleek but their accessories are camp chic. The shop is a ‘life style’ concept and we love the new line of Stumptown boots. And we got the hubs manly scented soap and a clever leather-bound mason jar for whiskey drinking in the woods.

    Who doesn’t need one of those?

    Danner Union Way
    1022 W. Burnside
    Portland, OR

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  • Neat Feet

    Neat Feet

    Mark our words—we will never wear those creepy “toe” shoes. But the idea is pretty rad, especially when we think of all the things we do barefoot, but would really rather not be barefoot for. (Hello, yoga.)

    These “Dojo” indoor shoes from Sockwa are just what we need! We wear them for Pilates—they slip on, feel like nothing, and keep our feet clean while we get a good grip. Just pop ’em in the wash later. Cute and genius. No toes about it.

  • Now Hair This

    Now Hair This

    We don’t like ear buds, the ones that stick in our ear. We must have shallow ears or something because they just fall out. We love headphones but get headphone head (like hat head). Now we’ve found stylish headphones designed for the ladies that we never have to take off. They look like a fashionable headband – – a headpiece made of silk-satin and chiffon — that wraps around our head.

    It sounds amazing, and looks even more amazing.

  • Protect Your Valuables

    Protect Your Valuables

    A girl’s gotta protect herself and her beloved handbag at all costs.  That’s why we pack…kinda. Thankfully Vlieger & Vandam has our back, or, um, our bag. Their bags combine fine craftsmanship and luxury materials, and are embossed with three-dimensional shapes in their leather.  Our favorite is the Guardian Angel bag.

    Yep, we feel stylish and just a little safer.

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  • The Ultimate Boudoir Experience. Best. Gift. Ever.

    The Ultimate Boudoir Experience. Best. Gift. Ever.
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

    It’s Occasions Diamond Anniversary Sale. Yes, they are turning 10 and you’re invited to celebrate and save! It’s 10 days of fabulous events, sales and tasty treats. On Saturday, September 21st from 11-1, there’s cupcakes and a Baggallini Trunk Show.  On Saturday, September 28th from 11-1, there’s a Stella and Dot trunk show, fall fashion show, cupcakes, champagne and a jewelry giveaway. Since tradition dictates that a 10th Anniversary is diamond watches and jewelry, they’re giving away one bling watch every day!

    What: The Perfect 10 Anniversary Sale at Occasions Fine Gifts
    When: September 16th-28th, 2013
    Where: 7515 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225; 503.384.0269

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