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…a mention in your fabulously well-written publications lends credibility as well as creates buzz and attracts attention in a crowded market… Portland Picks is the Oprah’s Favorite Things for the Northwest – if your team loves it, it must be good and the market here listens! — ~ Cindy,

  • Get Juiced
    Get Juiced

    Get Juiced

    We recently made a commitment to juice up. Not like creepy Jersey Shore juice up, but instead juice up with raw vegetables and fruit. We have a blender at home, one would think we’re just juicing away all day. But one glance at our splattered kitchen ceiling and you’ll realize why we let Portland Juice Press do the messy work.

    Portland Juice Press opened up two years ago as a small online juice delivery service. Today they have two locations and just opened their third location on SE Division. Their juice press is nothing but raw, healthy and so tasty. We were skeptic when we first tasted the orange bell pepper, pineapple, celery, lime, jalapeno, but it’s seriously delicious! We can taste the freshness and are just so darn happy that these healthy juices are helping balance out our breakfast donuts (by the way we swear we’re kicking donut breakfast soon). Portland Juice Press is still making daily home and office deliveries for their healthy and juiced customers. Our absolute favorite has to be the kale, spinach, parsley, apple and lemon.

    Our at home attempt is still speckled inside our cabinets. From now on we’re leaving the juicing to the pros.

    Portland Juice Press
    3050 SE Division Street
    Portland, OR 97202

  • We Love Stripes
    We Love Stripes

    We Love Stripes

    We went through a stage when we were small. We told our mom that we would only wear stripes. She played along, at least for awhile. She provided us with striped skirts and dresses and leggings and hair ribbons. Sometimes, just to keep things interesting, we would throw in some polka dots, too. It was our most beloved fashion stage and Mom still has the photos to prove it.

    And now, we have a new boutique in Portland that totally gets our passion for stripes. Splendid’s newest location has just opened on Couch Street in the Pearl.  The shop is perfectly situated, well organized and beautifully lit. The racks are stocked with lovely tops, dresses and sweaters…Stripes! And they’ve got us covered for solids, too. There’s a clothing line for kids available, same great style…just in smaller sizes.

    Although it feels like this endless summer will go on forever here in Portland, we know better. Time now to stock up on soft, cozy and layered looks for fall in the great Northwest. Go a little crazy here! Your inner, stripes-loving, child will thank you.

    1033 NW Couch Street
    Portland, OR, 97209

  • Scratch That
    Scratch That

    Scratch That

    We love (and live!) to eat but we are a wee bit persnickety. We want delicious, fresh, whole food ingredients in our gluten-free cuisine. That’s not asking a lot, right? Well now it is a culinary reality and we found it right in Lake Oswego at Scratch.

    It’s hard work for us to always be reading labels and searching for recipes that satisfy our dietary needs (and taste buds), but accomplished Chef and “Scratch” Owner Patrick Lee Warner passionately takes on our troubles and his zest for pure perfection is truly our good fortune.

    And guess what? Today’s FOX 12 Daily Deal is a divine dining experience of world-class cuisine at Scratch. Every dish is presented picture perfect (think masterpiece). October dinner entree’s include Trout with bacon, onion, leek, white wine, potato, spinach roasted garlic and shallot as well as melt-in-your-mouth top-sirloin steak. Save room for dessert–the ever popular Chocolate Lava Cake or Berry Compote will complete this magnificent meal.

    So here’s The (killer) Deal: $30 for $60 Toward Gluten-Free Food and Drinks at Scratch!

    149 A Avenue
    Lake Oswego, OR 97034
    Fox 12 Daily Deal

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  • Music to Our Ears

    Music to Our Ears

    We almost couldn’t believe our ears! Portland Radio Project, the new online music stream with Rock/Folk/Blues (including local artists) has no commercials at all! It’s the brainchild of our friend Rebecca Webb and her team of DJs – actually playing the music (and not the same annoying song over again)!

    This makes us misty for our old radio days with Rebecca (shopping segments where we’d go on a nationwide search for truly enhancing, sometimes stick-on, undergarments…but we digress…) Anyhoo, you mustcheck out our radio dream come true!

  • Neat Feet

    Neat Feet

    Mark our words—we will never wear those creepy “toe” shoes. But the idea is pretty rad, especially when we think of all the things we do barefoot, but would really rather not be barefoot for. (Hello, yoga.)

    These “Dojo” indoor shoes from Sockwa are just what we need! We wear them for Pilates—they slip on, feel like nothing, and keep our feet clean while we get a good grip. Just pop ’em in the wash later. Cute and genius. No toes about it.

  • Fluff and Fold

    Fluff and Fold

    We’ve got a long list of boozy tricks to make any party rock the hizzy, but when it comes to décor, we often get stuck after “setting the table.”

    Prost to the Host to the rescue! They create absolutely adorable tissue-paper poms in an array of gorgeous colors. Just fluff and hang to create a festive atmosphere for any occasion, then fold them up for easy storage/future use … but we might leave ours up permanently…

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