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I am a brand new store and the second my “Pick” ran I got 45 new Facebook likes and had a constant stream of new customers telling me that they saw me in Portland Picks. Thank you Portland Picks for finally being the ‘solution’ to my need to reach an audience that pays attention. — ~ Tamara Young, owner, Consign Couture

Ransom Spirits’ Whippersnapper Whiskey

October 7, 2011 7:58 am

We’ve been visiting parlors and watching Ken Burns’ “Prohibition” on OPB, and now we can’t stop thinking about whiskey. So we hightailed it to the store and came home with an olde-timey looking bottle of very modern Whippersnapper Whiskey, produced by hand in Sheridan, Oregon, from Ransom Spirits. We sipped it on the rocks (the nose is caramel, and finishes with a subtle spice), but next time it’s happening with ginger beer!

Ransom Spirits’ Whippersnapper Whiskey

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