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Our sale was an absolute screaming success yesterday! We more than doubled our sales from last year and it was loads of fun. The dedicated email from Portland Picks played a huge part in bringing in the crowds so THANK YOU! — ~ Molly King, Icebreaker

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We Love Stripes

We Love Stripes

We went through a stage when we were small. We told our mom that we would only wear stripes. She played along, at least for awhile. She provided us with striped skirts and dresses and leggings and hair ribbons. Sometimes, just to keep things interesting, we would throw in some polka dots, too. It was our most beloved fashion stage and Mom still has the photos to prove it.

And now, we have a new boutique in Portland that totally gets our passion for stripes. Splendid’s newest location has just opened on Couch Street in the Pearl.  The shop is perfectly situated, well organized and beautifully lit. The racks are stocked with lovely tops, dresses and sweaters…Stripes! And they’ve got us covered for solids, too. There’s a clothing line for kids available, same great style…just in smaller sizes.

Although it feels like this endless summer will go on forever here in Portland, we know better. Time now to stock up on soft, cozy and layered looks for fall in the great Northwest. Go a little crazy here! Your inner, stripes-loving, child will thank you.

1033 NW Couch Street
Portland, OR, 97209

Scratch That

Scratch That

We love (and live!) to eat but we are a wee bit persnickety. We want delicious, fresh, whole food ingredients in our gluten-free cuisine. That’s not asking a lot, right? Well now it is a culinary reality and we found it right in Lake Oswego at Scratch.

It’s hard work for us to always be reading labels and searching for recipes that satisfy our dietary needs (and taste buds), but accomplished Chef and “Scratch” Owner Patrick Lee Warner passionately takes on our troubles and his zest for pure perfection is truly our good fortune.

And guess what? Today’s FOX 12 Daily Deal is a divine dining experience of world-class cuisine at Scratch. Every dish is presented picture perfect (think masterpiece). October dinner entree’s include Trout with bacon, onion, leek, white wine, potato, spinach roasted garlic and shallot as well as melt-in-your-mouth top-sirloin steak. Save room for dessert–the ever popular Chocolate Lava Cake or Berry Compote will complete this magnificent meal.

So here’s The (killer) Deal: $30 for $60 Toward Gluten-Free Food and Drinks at Scratch!

149 A Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Fox 12 Daily Deal

Mmmm, Salty

Mmmm, Salty

Portland. How can we explain it to our friends that come visit? How do we show our out-of-towners in one weekend all that makes our city so great, so unique and so…weird? Well, we know one stop will be to The Meadow on NW 23rd.

The Meadow fits perfectly into the Portland culture where artisans are celebrated. If it’s obscure, we love it more.   The owner is one of a kind and his first book is a James Beard award winner to prove it! The Meadow is the leading salt expert in the world. Mark Bitterman’s shop carries finishing salts, rare chocolates, bitters and fresh flowers.  Everything is so interesting to look at and learn about that our heads are on a swivel as we walk through.  The new shop on NW 23rd has space in the back that will hold classes on cooking with salt blocks, creating cocktails with bitters and more. With 110 different salts to choose from we’re not sure how we can walk out of this shop without picking up a new hobby.

The Meadow 
805 NW 23rd
Portland, OR

Rust is the New Black

Rust is the New Black

Did you ever have to have a tetanus shot when you were a tomboy? Or tomgirl? They freaking HURT. It’s a good thing that you’re not going to need a tetanus shot for this rust, girls. Rust and Metal and Patina, oh my! Andrea Jones, shopkeeper extraordinaire of Seek the Unique, has moved from her former location to a new (old) and epic space! The Grand Marketplace has recently opened its doors in the old Arvey Paper building on SE Grand.

On the day of our visit, there was a happy cacophony of noise and activity and the sense of possibility. Grand Marketplace houses fabulous antique and industrial goods from the concrete floor to the rafters. Vintage kids pedal fire truck hanging from the ceiling? Yes! Neon and salvaged light fixtures? Yes! Antique ghost signs? Oh, yes!

The shop has the feel of an instant landmark (the building started out in the world as an Oldsmobile dealership).  Twenty-three vendors are here, offering  a variety of items from jewelry to grand staircase rails. Andrea hand-picked her vendors for their aesthetic sense and ability to curate the best junk ever. Plans in the works include monthly dinners to be held in the shop.

Special notice: The first Grand Marketplace flea market is TODAY from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm and tomorrow from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Go find yourselves some rust to roll around in!

Grand Marketplace
1005 SE Grand
Portland, OR 97214

Relax and Wine-down

Relax and Wine-down

It’s true there are a lot of wine stores in Portland, and a lot of wine bars. Sometimes it would be nice to find one that has a little bit of both. A place where we can go hangout and discover a new bottle of wine and take it with us or pop open the cork and drink it there while getting our girl talk on with our friends.

Enter Sunnyside Wines, a wine shop/bar that’s filled with fantastic wine at great prices. The shop’s owner, Patrick Booth, is a certified sommelier dedicated to helping people enjoy new wines that people aren’t talking about yet. Not sure what wine goes with what you’re having for dinner? Just ask Patrick — he’ll steer you in the right direction. Sunnyside Wines isn’t just a wine shop, it’s also a bit of a wine bar where you can have a beer or get a glass of whatever white, pink, red, or bubbles is currently open. Pair it with a charcuterie plate, and enjoy some quality time with friends while sitting on the patio. Whether we’re looking for a bottle of wine to go or just want to stop-in for a glass of wine, we love the welcome feeling we get when we walk into Sunnyside Wines. It has the perfect mix of music, good people, delicious wine, and local flare. Cheers!

Sunnyside Wines
2121 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR, 97214

Spice is the Variety of Life

Spice is the Variety of Life

One of the (many) reasons we adore Paris is that we can find shops that carry the most amazing array of spices. They’re called epiceries (“ay-p-sir-ee”) and being in one is like a happy assault to the senses. The smells! The colors! The apothecary jars!

The new location of Stone Cottage has all of those things, in spades. Herbs, spices, tea, rubs and dried organics abound in this lovely, calming space on SE 17th Ave in Sellwood. Want to try a Merlot Salt on your Beef Bourguignon? In the market for Madagascar Vanilla beans? Desperate for a Chocolate Chai tea? Stone Cottage has it all. And this bounty is not just for human consumption. Perhaps your kitty would love a pinch of organic catnip. Your pup can find his Alfalfa and Kale here, too.

Plans for Stone Cottage’s future include a juice bar, a kitchen and a licensed practitioner, who can recommend medicinals for when you are feeling under the weather. The day we were visiting, the shop owner, Josh, was helpful, enthusiastic and charming.  And we didn’t even have to fly to Paris to get the goods!

Don’t miss Stone Cottage’s official Grand Opening event on September 14th from 12 pm – 7 pm.

Stone Cottage
8609 SE 17th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting

We might have watched too much Game of Thrones this summer, but we can’t get the phrase “Winter Is Coming” out of our thoughts. While it’s fun to say it’s still a reminder that summer is drawing to a close and the days will get shorter. If only we could afford to have one of those sunlight simulation light therapy devices to help keep us cheerful all winter long.

Lightbar seems to have just the right ambiance to help us extend the glow we get in the summer months. The new cafe bar has coffee, wine, beer, interesting cocktails and dishes even those who are gluten-free will appreciate. The real reason we love Lightbar is, well, the lighting, which changes constantly – hitting a hue of light therapy colors that are designed to enhance the mood. Perfect for Oregon. Plus, it’s super fun to sit with our friends and decide which color looks best with their skin-tone. That’s another thing we love about Lightbar – the fact that the music is just loud enough to set the vibe, but not too loud that we can’t hear our friends talking.

It’s true, the dreary winter may be coming, but we’re happy that there’s a place that can help keep it light.

1401 SE Morrison St.
Portland, OR, 97214

Lifestyle Chic

Lifestyle Chic

The hubs’ birthday is slowly creeping closer. Deep sigh…what to get the man who gets himself everything? This year we’re making a theme for his birthday. After a summer full of camping trips we’re pretty sure he’ll hold onto this hobby for a few more years to come, unlike that never used punching bag hanging in the garage.

Danner Union Way took us by surprise. Danner’s new store appeals to the sophisticated camper, like us. We already know Danner’s men’s and women’s hiking boots are sleek but their accessories are camp chic. The shop is a ‘life style’ concept and we love the new line of Stumptown boots. And we got the hubs manly scented soap and a clever leather-bound mason jar for whiskey drinking in the woods.

Who doesn’t need one of those?

Danner Union Way
1022 W. Burnside
Portland, OR

(Diamond) Tea Time

(Diamond) Tea Time

We love any excuse to get dolled up. We never miss an opportunity to sparkle and shine. If tiara’s were de rigueur we’d be donning one in spin class. Sometimes we wear so much shimmer we look like Edward in the first Twilight movie….so imagine how thrilled we were for our invite to the 5th Annual Diamond Tea!

This English-style High Tea will take place on October 5, 2013 at the Nines Hotel from 9 am to 2:30 pm. We’ll hear from extraordinary female entrepreneurs who have created successful sustainable businesses, we’ll enjoy a celebrity-style photo shoot and beauty bar, Diamondtini cocktails, and shopping at 18 local business exhibitor booths. This is an amazing networking opportunity too. This stellar event also raises funds for local nonprofit Deceptions/AWARE, an organization that works to prevent Sex Trafficking.

This event sold out last year, so high step it the website to purchase tickets at Women-owned businesses are also invited to showcase their products and services before 250+ women from the Portland metropolitan area. Call 360-600-6732 or visit the website to reserve vendor space.

The 5th Annual Diamond Tea
October 5, 2013, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
The Nines Hotel